Vocal Music Cafe
Νέο Ηράκλειο
Μ. Μερκούρη 16
Get Direction

Christina Golia with her band, will “travel” us via a performance full of sentiment, rhythm and fantasy. Wandering through different musical sorts, she combines the retro mood with the modern Greek and foreign music, through their blues, rock, and jazz expressions, all together tied up in a vivid live. …where Nancy Sinatra has a drink with our own Sofia Vembo.. where Stamatis Kraounakis with Tania Tsanaklidou will argue with Amy Winehouse for “what is rock after all”… while by the corner, Rita Hayworth winks at all of them…
Guitars, percussion & vocals: Dim.Papalambrou.
Saxophone, flute, cajon & percussion: Fivos Bozas.

Vocal Music Cafe – 16, M.Merkouri St. & 2, Sofias St., N.Iraklio/Athens, Tel.210-2827071