CHITIRIO Theatre & Art Cafe
Athens - Keramikos
Iera Odos 44
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Love celebrates on Tuesday, September 2, at CHITIRIO Theatre & Art Cafe, in a live event “Love’s t-shirts”. You are all invited on condition that you will bring for your entrance, packed food (pasta, rice, milk etc) or toy or other items in need to children up to 5 years old. This collection of first aid items will be given to the “Community Action ‘Filokosmos'” (established & represented by Gogo Antzoletakis) & to the “National Children & Orphans Asylum” (in Kalithea/Athens).
Many well-established/known Greek singers will perform for free for this noble cause, along with Christina Golia.

Chitirio Multispace – 44, Iera Odos, Keramikos, Tel.210-3412313